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» Mononoke Mansion - Room 401 Akaname (English Translation)

Mononoke Mansion - Room 401 Akaname (English Translation)

Yunoha: Okitsu Kazuyuki
Manager: Yamagishi Haruo

Spicy’s Notes:

(1) All righty, listen up! Quick youkai lesson! An akaname is a “filth”, “aka”, “licking”, “name”, demon that supposedly likes to lick the grossness off of unclean bathrooms.
(2) This parodies that, but it’s not the floor Yunoha is licking in the bathroom.
(3) That being said, if you’re listening along for the first time I would recommend headphones. Big. Noise cancelling. Headphones. While it’s not explicit, it’s definitely in the solid R range.
(4) Usual disclaimers: translation is subject to typos, stuff I might have misheard,out of control SFX, and other random acts of formatting.

Are we ready!? Go go go!!

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do you ever go into a book store and just find all of your favourite author’s books even though you already have them and you just hover in that general area for a while

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Mononoke Mansion - Room 206 Makura-gaeshi
Kochou (CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki)

Release Date: 8/6/14
Available: animate and Stellaworth

The yokai in Room 206 is a makura-gaeshi (aka) a Pillow Flipping demon.

He appears to be a 14-15 year old boy. And, he’s a spoiled little boy who wants to sleep together with the heroine.

He gives her a present of a Yes/No pillow that, when flipped to Yes, will indicate that, “It’s a day that he can do anything he wants to her!”

Everytime she has it flipped to No, he’ll flip it over Yes without permission.

When sleeping together he glues himself to her and doesn’t let go.

His favorite thing is Matarashi dango.

Waiting for my ipod to charge so I can proofread my translation for vol. 1 so I thought I’d take a closer peak at who’s behind door number two and look at this little shit.

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The fact that the ALA shared this link is so gloriously bitter and angry and I love it.

Is there a portmanteau for that? Angritter? Bangry? 

Amazon is searching for all kinds of ways to get little chunks of change out of readers, isn’t it?

The thing is, people are likely already paying that $120 through taxes to their public library and guess what one of the things we provide is?

An all you can read subscription for Kindle books.

Better yet, we have the stuff that doesn’t come on Kindle. And, guess what? If you want other stuff that we don’t have, we will do our damned best to get it for you.

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I would like to ask for you help with something: I was showing my sister images of the Sakamakis and Mukamis, when I told her how tall Yuma is she said "He's like a crane!", I've been trying to think of how he'd react to that, but I can't come up with anything...


(*≧▽≦)ノシ)) LOLOL. A CRANE!? (A crane as in construction or the bird?) Hehh, are you asking me for help? (~˘▾˘)~ Okie *cracks knuckles*


Yuma: Oi! Just ‘cause I’m tall doesn’t mean I’m like some damn crane! There’s something wrong with your eyes. Seriously!!



And Simply Because I’m Awful:


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If they find out, they’ll kill you. If you apologize, they’ll kill you. There’s only one way to survive. Take responsibility by going out with all six of them without the others finding out.

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I’m such an awkward artist. D: Play the fool, Peter!

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‘whats shipping’


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Enjoy. :)

"Moon Animate Make Up" = Sailor Moon episode 38 re-animated by over 200 fans from all around the world.

It’s finally out! I had a chance to be a part of this project and I had lots of fun with my scene.  Thanks to Kate for organizing this, she did an amazing job!

Check out the full version of the Sailor Moon Re-Animated episode. My bit is around 7 minutes in!

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(see, I DID do something for 200 followers.  12 followers late, but it’s something! owo”)

All music here is free to use in your games or other projects without charge, either operating on a “Ok to use as long as you give me credit” basis, a Creative Commons License, or is already in the public domain (meaning there’s no copyright on it).

 For more information on Creative Commons License works, check here.  For an easy to look at graph, check here.  Remember, if it’s Public Domain, it’s free to use & redistribute to your heart’s content.

And feel free to add on more resources to this post if you like. c:


➤ Free Collections Ready for Download 


(don’t worry, it’s not all yume nikki in here!  Keep reading!)

Plasterbrain’s Yume Freebie Collection - plasterbrain's Yume Nikki Fangame Sound dump.  According to them, they're ok with you using it for any type of projects as long as you don't redistribute the pack for money.  Check out their sound cloud. They also did music for DREAM VS DREAM, a Yume Nikki fighting game you can play here.  Music loops.

Yume Nikki Fangame Month - bwarch's pay-if-you-want-it-would-be-really-nice-if-you-did-but-it's-fine-if-you-don't pack of free to use Yume Nikki Fangame music for your Yume Nikki fan game (I did the art for it!).  Has a bunch of rad tracks for you to use! Check out his Bandcamp here, his Soundcloud here, and his Youtube here. Music loops.

The Remains of the 8 Bit Collective - A huge file of Chiptune/8 Bit music free to use from the now down site 8 Bit Collective.  There’s a bunch of crap, but there are good ones in there too.  Music loops.

Rindre’s Effect Sounds - A few Sound Effects for your Yume Nikki game by our friend pakilusin​! Sound effects.  She’s working on an upcoming fan game called Redux, formerly the game Flux.

Rindre’s Fangame Music Pack - Some good ambientish tracks by our friend pakilusinMusic Loops.  Check out her soundcloud here!

RPG Maker.net’s Music Pack - RPG Maker.net’s form got together and put out a wonderful album full of RPG Music for you to use.  Music & loops.

Noyemi K’s Game Placeholder Pack - A pack by noyemik that includes music & chipsets to use as a PLLACEHOLDER for your game.  She has some free to use for her game right down here…

Noyemi’s Free to Use Resources - Along with her Placeholder pack, she also has some free to use music & sounds as well.  She’s the maker of Amihailu in Dreamland & Hell Diary, two rad games with equally rad soundtracks.  Check out her sound cloud here! And her bandcamp here!


➤ Websites for Downloading Music


English Sites

Flashkit - Always check if it’s freeware, licenseware, or shareware!  Sound Effects & Music Loops.

Freesound.org -  Check the licensing agreement on the things you download!  Sound Effects and Music Loops.  You’ll need an account before you download anything, but the library is just so vast that it’s well worth it.

Partners in Rhyme - They’re mostly for youtube videos, but are ok if you use it in your video game.  Music Loops.

Looperman - Focuses on loops for audio software (so if you want to add more to it feel free). Here’s their terms & conditions page.  You also have to create an account before you download anything.  Loops, samples, sound effects, acapellas, & raps.

Sound Bible - Royalty-free Sound Effects under the public domain & attribution creative commons license.

Media College - has like, 10 loops in the public domain for you to download.

Free SFX - I linked to their License Page because it’s a bit hidden. Free Sound Effects.  Yes, you have to make an account, but it’s free.

JWinter Music - A blog that post free to use Music, mostly for youtube videos.

Indie Game Music.com - Specifically for indie games.  Music on the site is under three different licenses, so check this page before you go off downloading things.  Loops & Music.

FreePD.com - All of it is in the public domain (everything’s free to use because the copyright expired/there was no copyright in the first place).  Loops.

Media Collage - Free Sound Effects as long as you don’t sell them yourself.

SampleSwap.org -“You must Log in (or register) in order to download these samples.… 100% of the samples on this site are free, but registration helps us fight MP3 robots and establish controls over how much gets downloaded, and when.” Samples, Music & Noise Loops& sound effects.

Dig.CCMixter.org Check each track for a money symbol next to it.  If there is none, it’s free to download. Free music.

Incompetech - All music is under creative commons, made by one dude.  It’s a LOT of music, & is separated by different genres if you want to search for things. 

iBeats - for when you need looping beats for your music.  Remember, check the license (some are public domain, some are under commercial use under attribution, and most under a non-commercial license).

FreeMusicArchive.org - most works are under the Creative Commons license.  Music & Spoken Word downloads.

Free Loops - Mostly Free Loops & VST Plug ins.  Like so many others, check the license before downloading.

Musopen - Aims to be the largest public domain music collection.  Go ahead and check if the recording itself as well as the composition is in public domain. Most recordings are.  The site offers Classical Music Downloads, as well as Sheet Music. 

Japanese Sites

Vita Chi - Free to use for both commercial & non-commercial projects!  Music, Screams, & Sound Effects.  Mad Father has

PianosDauGe.org - I’m pretty sure it’s free for both commercial and non-commercial use, as long as you don’t redistribute. A bunch of Music Loops.  Check out the private policy (in Japanese) here.

Classical Masterpiece Sound Library - Need free classical music and fast?  Shazam!  Free to use commercially and non-commecially. Alice Mare & The Crooked Man used this site for their classical pieces.

Senses Circuit - Wadanohara & the Great Blue Sea.

Pocket Sound - Free to use Sound Effects! “This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon a work, even commercially, as long as you credit them for the original creation.”

Tami Music Factory -  Free to use commercially & non commercially. Check out the copyright page here.  Sound effects, loops (Midi & Ogg), and… uh, mobile ringtones if you’re in need of those 0w0”.

Amacha Music - According to the FAQ, it’s free for both commercial and non-commecial use.  Music.

H/MIX GALLERY - free background music/loops made by Hirokazu Akiyama.  Free for non commercial use only though, you’ll have to pay for a license if you want to use it commercially. Mad Father, the Crooked Man, The Witch’s House, Alice Mare,

Otonomori - According to Rindere, it’s a free to use sound effects website for commercial and non-commercial uses.

Presence of Music - I’m pretty sure it’s just for non-commecial use only.  Has music for both standard RPGs & Horror RPGs.  Loops, I believe. Ib & the Witch’s House both have music from this site.

*Asterisk* - Free to use Midi files & Web music. Credit is not necessary, but appreciated.  

koukaongen.com - Free to use sound effects, music, & loops. Credit is nice, but you don’t need to link back to them.  I’m pretty sure it’s noncommercial use only.  One of the sites used by the creator of Ib.

Music Material - I’m not too sure what the copyright page says but you can look at it here.  Music.

Dova Syndrome - Check out the copyright page here.  Music & loops. 

A few more found by Rindere - I’m not translating these anymore, you’re on your own. >3< BUT they’re all supposed to be Sound Effects websites.




rabbit-hole-divisions - All their music is free to use.  I haven’t heard from them in a while though!

Yume Nikki Fangame Music Sheet - Just something if you like sheet music & Yume Nikki fan games.


➤ Browser Music Making Programs


Make Music in your own browser! (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.)

http://www.pulseboy.com - An 8bit/Chiptune Music Maker!

Bfxr - A sound effects maker!  

as3sfxr - another sound effects maker! A bit simpler than Bfxr.


➤ Free Plug ins


Some Chiptune VSTs (the post warns you that you probably shouldn’t the Toad & Peach ones!)

ALSO check out the YT channel “audiopad” all their stuff is under a free use lisence EVEN FOR COMMERCIAL WORK so if you want to get some money for your hard work, you can use their music legally, so long as you honor the license!

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I got this stupidly cute Apollon microfiber cloth as an impulse buy and EEE I think I need like six more. It makes my scanner and gaming screens all pretty.

I really liked the first volume of Mononoke Mansion so I’m working on translating it but… How to describe some of these sound effects? That is the question.

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Oh no! The Kamigami no Asobi Anime Anthology got pushed back again!! The release date is now 8/25


That’s twice now. I really hope there’s going to be some shirtless Apollon in there as reward for our patience.

Since he’s already shirtless in god form, it better be some other outfit. And a few of the others as well need to be shirtless too.

I’m telling myself that at least I’ll get my copy in a hurry when it DOES get released. FromJapan has already been very good to me.

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