Excuse me, but can you please link me to Takeru's Anthology translation you posted please. I'm sorry if I sounded rude.

No problemo Anony~!

The one you’re looking for would be “With a Maiden’s Heart”. But, I’ll do you one better and give you the full, current masterlist for all of the Kamigami no Asobi Anthology scanlations completed thus far:

Kamigami no Asobi - Anthology (1st)

Title: Sweet Nightingale
Artist: Okazaki Oka
Pairing: Apollon / Yui

Title: Sunny Place
Artist Maeda Momo
Pairing: Tsukito / Yui

Title: A Happy Prank
Artist: Rumiya
Pairing: Loki / Yui

Title: If You’re Going to Do It Follow Through to the End
Artist Sia
Pairing: Anubis, cracktastic

Title: Raring to Wed
Artist Sia
Pairing: cracktastic +10

Kamigami no Asobi - Anthology (2nd)

Title: Surprise For You!
Artist: naka
Pairing: Apollon / Yui, cracktastic

Title: Is This From the Manual?
Artist: Nohara Noko
Pairing: Tsukito / Yui

Title: Games of the Gods
Artist: Akizuki Ichiha
Pairing: Anubis / Yui

Title: Dreams of Summer
Artist: Kichi
Pairing: Loki / Yui

Title: With a Maiden’s Heart
Artist: moo
Pairing: Takeru / Yui

Title: Need to Know
Artist: Fuujyu Mizuki
Pairing: Thoth / Yui

Cheers~! Happy reading!

Title: Is This From the Manual?
Artist: Nohara Noko

Translation/QC: Tori
Scans/Editing/Typesetting: Spicy Diamond

Tsukito first chapter from the second Kamigami no Asobi Anthology.

…No one that socially awkward should be this cute. It’s not allowed.

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[Scanlation] Diabolik Lovers More Blood Sakamaki-hen - Prologue

So I ended up pulling an all-nighter to get this done and I don’t have a tablet so the cleaning job’s questionable but here we go, the DLMB Sakamaki-hen prologue! Please click the link above for the full chapter/un-resized by tumblr pages. As mentioned above this is the result of an all-nighter so while there were some people who helped me with English phrasing, my fail translation disclaimers applies more than usual (aka I’m ESL and not a native Japanese speaker + I prefer flow over literal translations) so if you spot any other errors I might’ve made in my sleepiness, please feel free to poke me. So far Laito, Kanato and Subaru’s chapters have been claimed and the next up from me will be Reiji (and probably Shu.) That said, I hope you’ll be able to enjoy this chapter!

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Go easy on him Spicy XD. He’s sickly after all.

He got cake. It’s not like he wasn’t rewarded for it. XD

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Whether old fan or new, Classic or Crystal, comic or animation, musical or tokusatsu, we are all fans of the story of the pretty soldier in a sailor suit.

We all are fans. Don’t let anyone tell you differently depending on which adaptation you prefer.

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And I licked him all over.

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Anyone would take this out of context if not for the last picture

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Mononoke mansion: Room 508 zashiki-warashi

This time we have a zashiki-warashi (who for some reason looks to be in his 40s), Suzushiro! Although he always has his pipe in his mouth, he actually isn’t really smoking anything. When he lets his guard down, he starts to talk like a child. 

CV: Kinoshita Hiroyuki
Date of release: 8 October 2014
Preorder: Amazon JP, Animate Online

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明治東亰恋伽 トレーディングラバーストラップ【BOX】
Release: 2014/12/26
Price: 4,320円


AHHHH!! Look at how cute they are!!

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We were all being very, very good. *halo*

As good as Loki on a prank spree.


Hey now, don’t get testy… Some of us left you presents!!

Presents… uhhh… sure, you can call them that… more like terrifying pieces though…


Nice (though slightly depressing) presents!! >.<

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We were all being very, very good. *halo*

As good as Loki on a prank spree.


Hey now, don’t get testy… Some of us left you presents!!

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aAAH!! *grabby hands*

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Shit, first Peter has his dick insulted and now he's a dumb animal? Why SS why!? *cry* I was enjoying the sunny D threads so much and now my mood is ruined :( Sorry to invade your askbox, just wanted to cry beside a fellow Peter lover

I hear ya, Anony. *hugs* Deep calming breaths.

Let’s look at bun pictures together until all the bad feelings go away.




So, cute~


And fluffy!!




Woops, I think I messed up somewhere.

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Title: Sweet Nightingale
Artist: Okazaki Oka

Scanned/QCed: Mitsu
Translated/Edited/Typeset: Spicy Diamond

Apollon’s chapter from the first Kamigami no Asobi anthology.

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which sunny d tho? this one?


or this one?


thick or long

pick ur poison

For one Tumblr literally will not let me view those images. For another I don’t know if I want to see them.


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